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Chibi Drawings
Surprised Chibi Colored by Jirinri
Happy Winking Chibi Colored by Jirinri
Crying Chibi Colored by Jirinri
Happy Maid Chibi Colored by Jirinri
Devious Chibi on Bookshelf by Jirinri
Angry Chibi Colored by Jirinri
      ok so here are the choices (the examples are previous chibis I drew of Taira Sasako) (all prices based on earnings)

****$1-2 dollar commission gets is actually 100-200 points and a $5+ is 500+ ooints. If you want to get around the inflation note me and we can work out the payment****


- Chibis for signatures, profile pics, and/or icons (due to them generally being smaller in size) will be $1-2 (80-160 points) that includes all the background work that would be done for something of that nature

- Chibis for ANYTHING ELSE (bigger images) will be $5+ depending on how big you want it ($10 max to be easy on everyone's wallet)


- ALL CHIBIS CAN BE REQUESTED IN ANY POSE/EMOTION SHOWN ABOVE (or you can describe one and I will try it)

- ALL COMMISSIONS ALSO HAVE A PERK I will draw ALL traditionally and scan them in I will present you with TWO finished products, one completely traditional, one that I scan in and color in Photoshop YOU PICK YOUR FAVORITE AND PAY FOR IT (if you wish to keep the other it will be free)

- I am not opposed to making backgrounds to put on your chibi drawing. If you want it in a specific image I will simply request it sent to me and place it in the image.

Moon by Jirinri Night and Day1 by Jirinri Rose1 by Jirinri Rose2 by Jirinri Rose4 by Jirinri Tunnel fairy1 by Jirinri Love Water1 by Jirinri Contradictions by Jirinri Moon by Jirinri Nature's Beauty by Jirinri 
Final by Jirinri
Sesshomaru Collage by Jirinri
Night and Day1 by Jirinri
Moon by Jirinri
Rose4 by Jirinri
Moon by Jirinri
any character or characters from any of your favorite shows I will make into a collage for a wallpaper/background or just fun use.

I will add a background of your choice (otherwise I pic to suit the images) so that it is more than just pictures.

I can also provide you with JUST a scenery type background for poetry, stories, computers, phones, etc. You may provide me with a theme and/or color pallet to make the image. 

Commissions start at 10 points/$0.10 and increase (max 100 points/$1) depending on complexity of the designs.

Random Favourites

some amazing art and fan art that I have found




Well internet is still a no go until we move again (yay?) So I can't do more than check in and let you guys see I am alive and still care for you.
No internet due to another move. Still making notes and other forms of progress on the story/manga. A lot of improvement in my art so hopefully I can work on skeching out a few panels.
Profiles of all the characters are finally getting finished, and all the work is astounding in my art work YAY PROGRESS
Been working on my horses, parts at the time (legs, body, neck, head, face) so that I can offer those for commission while I practice for my story ^^
So, a fan just sent me a message asking me to try and get the word out about companion cats. I asked if I could share her message and she agreed, I will leave her name out for the sake of privacy. 

"so the rental company wants us to get rid of the companion cats we are raising and my sister's dog. I understand that they don't approve that we have them, however I feel that they should help us find them homes instead of basically tell us to dump them at a shelter. the cats are raised in a house where they are exposed to PTSD, Asperger's, Depression, and a slew of anxiety disorders. they are more than just pets to ditch at a shelter, they are raised to be loved, adored, and they help people heal both mentally and emotionally. the problem is not many people understand that service animals aren't limited to dogs, nor that they are as effective. it is frustrating and while it may be out of place here, I felt someone may have some good advice or even be willing to help me get a petition or something started to bring attention to things like this."

I see it is unfair, but I didn't know about the issue with companion cats. I personally have a companion dog and cat myself. If you have any suggestions for my fan, or help to provide please message me.


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Just trying to save up for various prints and premium figured a good start was here

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Hi guys! I am sorry for the long delay in an update, but sadly I haven't really done anything on my manga recently. This is both an update, and an apology and explanation of my absence. 

I have gone through a couple months of hiatus from anything social (Facebook, DA, SMAU, tumblr, twitter, friends, etc.) I haven't fully gotten back into everything social yet, but I am slowly re-accustoming myself to social things again. Now, this is not normal for me. Normally, I let people know or slowly drift off, this time, a switch flipped and I just didn't want anything to do with anything or anyone.

I have a theory on this, due to my depression, which while it is a lot better I wouldn't say I am "cured", some times I just don't want anything to do with anyone or anything. However, since I noticed it happened after my muse left, meaning all my inspiration for my manga and art just walked off to return when ever she felt like it (inspiration can be a pain some times), I think that my inspiration helps keep me connected with others.

So, I have been working on getting re-inspired. I have used multiple methods: I have done more research on various topics pertaining to my story, I have watched anime that I find uplifting, at one point I was so frustrated that I couldn't understand two of my best friends, that I watched all four seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (let me tell you when you feel so left out of conversations that you go to those lengths you have to dedicated to your friends and care about them a lot), I even got new art supplies (from my boyfriend as a birthday gift ^^ :squee:) that instantly made me feel so much better about my work.

I learned a lot from my friends that kept in touch with me during that time and the shows I watched in the absence of my inspiration. Most importantly, I figured out some new ideas for my manga:

- Alicorns (as seen in my manga) will have shape shifting abilities. NOT LIKE WEREWOLVES OR SOME OTHER MYTHOLOGIES!! They will take on a form to adapt to wherever their summoner is, so as to be less obvious. (example: on land they will appear as horse/unicorn/alicorn whichever raises less suspicion in the area unless other wise needed, underwater they become, for lack of a better term, merponies/sea horse like creatures). I am planning how to work that out, visually, and have also been working on my drawings of horses and similar equines.

- Elementals (as previously depicted) have been extremely overhauled. They no longer look like they are made of the element they represent. Instead, I have (with the help of my co-author) decided on humanoids that appear to be part of the elements themselves. No, not flaming people and water people. They will be designed with thoughts of them as a race so that there are individuals that embody the elements as a race. Water elementals will have qualities that reflect water, same with fire, earth, and air. (I have not as of yet figured out how I am redoing my animalmentals [animal elementals]).

- I have done more digging into the area at the set time in my manga, this has helped me refresh my memory, and identify what would and wouldn't be there (therefore saving me the time of drawing scenes that would be inaccurate at the time period)

- I plan to make even more effort into getting more scenes planned and hopefully more chapters written (I may even work more on getting the covers worked on more and maybe a chapter drawn)

This being said, I have also discovered a few things that are not so good. I have been found to have an over active pituitary gland and under-active thyroid that has a cyst on it. What this means is simply, I will have to be adapting my lifestyle more to fixing those issues until I can get them corrected medically. It has come to light while learning all this that my thyroid issues could have been causing, or contributing to, my depression, weight, and body odor issues, and my pituitary could be causing my thyroid to have some issues, and even be causing me to have issues with controlling my bladder.

I tell you guys this, not for sympathy, but to know that no matter what happens, I am here for you guys, and most importantly, so that you can see that with all the troubles I will work my best for my health and this manga. Nothing can stop me from trying to bring smiles to other people's faces, even if I have a pregnant lady's bladder though I have no kids nor am I pregnant. Please keep your heads high and a smile on your face, it could help people in ways you don't even know.

As always guys, I do care for all of you and wish for your safety and well-being. Stay safe and make the most of the day/night.

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I also make necklaces, bracelets, dream catchers, and attempt drawing and stories and poems.
I am also willing to make wallpapers for you that include your various interests.
I love writing fan fics and coloring manga pages.
I am willing to talk about trades or requests (for free).
If you want to try I am willing to challenge you with a request.

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